In the best Interest of your Sprinter, service it with us.

Freightliner knows what is best for your vehicle. Our certified, trained technicians use the latest knowledge and technology along with genuine Freightliner Sprinter parts perfected for the Sprinter. It doesn't matter if it's routine maintenance or an unexpected repair, there's no other place your Sprinter would rather be than at an authorized Freightliner Sprinter dealership.

 Expert Commercial Vehicles Backed By Commercial Experts.

Get the care and support of an entire network of commercial dealers, technicians and experts with Freightliner Sprinter. They know your business and they know your Sprinter. From routine maintenance to specialized care, they’re here for you when most repair shops have gone home for the day. That’s the true meaning of service.

•Select dealerships offer extended hours, mobile service, and commercial expertise.
•24-Hour Support via Customer Assistance Center.

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Seating Options

Seating Options

With several options on seating, you can use your sprinter the way you need it when you need it.